The Fat Lady Sings

by Gurdan Thomas



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released 27 September 2010
All songs written by Gurdan Thomas

The Right Hon. Reg played recorder, clarinet and bass clarinet on Silly Pooh Bear
Sebastian Meier played Tenor Horn on Amazing and Ich Erinnere Mich
Katarina Meier played clarinet on The Fat Lady Sings
Sophie Rastl played violin on Out Of My Head
Bilen Isiktas played Oud on Out Of My Head
Anna-Maria Hefele used voice on Out Of My Head
Gurdan Thomas played guitar, piano, keyboards, ukulele, cornet, tuba, percussion, bass guitar, tin whistle, recorder, kontrabass, accordian, hackbrett and voice

Recorded mostly on the Meier Farm, Stockau, Ursensollen, Bayern
Other recordings made at Inacan Studios, in a Ger, a van, friends houses in Birmingham and The Villa Waldberta, Feldafing, Munchen, Bayern.

Mastered by Adrian Chapman

Photography by Adrian Burrows
Design by Adrian Burrows and Gurdan Thomas
Manufactured by Key Productions, London
Worldwide digital distribution by IDOL, France

Many thanks to Adrian Burrows, The Right Hon. Reg, Ian Whitmore, Bernhard Ebster, Michael Lobb, Mafrocaribbean, Bramptino, Wastl, Katl and Hans Meier, Sophie Rastl, Bilen Isiktas, Clare Edwards, Martin and Adrian Chapman, James Summerfield, Craig Hamilton at Commercially Inviable and my parents for their support.

(c) & (p) Commercially Inviable Records, 2010


released August 9, 2010



all rights reserved


Gurdan Thomas München, Germany

The Gurdan Thomas Collective is known for its imaginative songs that tell stories inspired by philosophy and the human condition, delivered in an acoustic folkpop style with a theatrical sprinkling and a good dose of barefoot dancing. This multi-instrumental collective is led by an English composer-songwriter based in Munich and Birmingham. ... more


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Track Name: You & Me
You and me, hand in hand, roaming the land in all kinds of weather,
Moonlight, will warm our souls tonight,
You and me out on the sea, happy to be, lost and together,
We'll find our special secret garden,
And there will be no barriers or walls to fall from,
No bitter seeds or sickly sweet tangerines just real life,
And no illusions.

You and me, I know it's not correct grammar,
Why does it matter?
Who makes the rules?
I intend to bend them,
And there will be no barriers for me and you will cut those woollen ropes and set us free.

Oh, ooh la la, this must be love, the last time I looked
Oh, this must be love, the last time I looked, this must be.
Track Name: Amazing
It's amazing, it's amazing, it's amazing what you let yourself believe when you really want to.

But you don't want to see me like that, I know for a fact, you just want to be friends and I can't pretend.

But suddenly it seems so clear, I see the signs I've been looking for,
And nothing else will matter, as we dive towards the sunset,
It's amazing, it's amazing, it's amazing what you let yourself believe when you really want to.

It's amazing what you let yourself believe when you want it so much.
Track Name: Fat Bellied Lady
She's a fat bellied lady, she's a pot bellied lady and she's going to have a baby.
And she's got a craving, for strawberries and gravy, with cheese sprinkled on top, no wonder she's sick in the morning

She'll let it out, she'll let it out, she'll let it out oh no
Gonna let it out, gonna let it out gonna let it out oh no
She'll let it out, she'll let it out, she'll let it out oh no
Do we really need another mouth to feed?
Surely we're enough, especially with our greed?

And she's hoping it won't be, another messiah, for that will be sure to ruin her christening plans.
She's hoping it will become, a godlike Celebrity, and all will bow down and attempt to turn into her baby, but only until it falls.

But she's so beautiful, those red eyes staring over at me, perhaps I'll order my very own, pelican baby,
And think of all those parties, and all those dirty nappies,
On second thoughts perhaps I'll steer clear, of anything so dear.
Track Name: &
And I go, where I please, and you'll be pleased when I go
'Cause I know, you don't want me, hanging out
And your brother too, he'll be so pleased not to meet me.

And your Mama, and your Papa.
Track Name: Freebird
Free, free as a bird flies, that's what I am, I'm free as a bird.
It don't make it easy, nothing at all is free you have to pay,
But not all with money, so save your Karma, for a rainy day,

Free as a bird flies, that's what I am I, I wish I had you,

To be free with me, so many things I want to share with you,
But I guess you're not free no more, hope you're happy cup overfloweth and you're

Free, free as a bird flies, that's what you are, you're free as a bird, you're free as a bird.

Even with these prison bars, they can't contain me, at all,
Even with these physical bonds, you'll find in me, I'll always be

Free, free as a bird flies, that's what I am, I'm free as a bird I'm free as a bird.
Track Name: The Fat Lady Sings
t all seems such a waste of time these days,
So tempting to collapse myself and slip away,
But I want to know, how the story ends,
It's not over 'till the fat lady sings.

Trying so hard to be what I could be,
Tiring so fast maybe, oh what's the point?
But I want to go, to places so extreme,
Just to see what the fat lady brings.

Oh, aha, oh ah la, it's not over.

It's not over 'till the fat lady sings.
Track Name: Stutter
Why do you infect my inmotion?
What's special, so special with you?
With flesh covered bone and some water, you're human you eat and you prune,
You walk and you talk you do smiling,
And sometimes you snore in your sleep,
Your hair grows from out of your head and not from the souls of your feet.
At the end of the day, you're just a person,
But when I look into your eyes

You shine and you make me stutter, you smile and my heart's a flutter,
You touch me and I melt just like, butter in your hand,
Just when I think I know you all I can
You shine and you make me stutter you smile and my hearts a flutter,
You touch me and I melt just like..

It seems that I might be mistaken,
You're special and precious to me,
But not in the way of the Smeagol,
You're my magic happy but free, to be, wonderbar,
I know you'll go far, forgive me if I sometimes have a touch of smeagol's jealous eyes.
Track Name: Silly Pooh Bear
Why were you there, silly pooh bear, what was your alibi,
Caught by the hayr, caught unawares, what was your alibi,
I caught you with your pants down, and we both know,
You have no alibi, alibi, alibi, alibi

I cannot tell you baby, can't find the words,
To tell you how baby, my heart.. goes

Thump, thump, thump, bang on the door,
Was your heart beating faster,
It made me jump, been there before, hoping not to spell disaster,
You called to see if I could, come out to play,
Oh yes anyday, anyday, anyday, anyday

I cannot tell you baby, can't find the words,
To tell you how baby, my heart..
I love you and I love me too, yes I do, but not as much as you.
Track Name: Out Of My Head
I'd rather be writing with mediocrity, than churning out best songs and feeling shitty,
So angry and spiteful, I want to be free,
This is the dark side of falling in love, 'cause everything comes to an end.

If I were a goldfish, I'd love for a day, I wouldn't remember,
Dear oh dear memories you haunt and you taunt, please proceed to the exit instead,
God damn these memories I want to forget, I want you out of my head.

You told me, you 'sort of' loved me, it's ok, 'cause everything fades, with age, it rots and decays,

Favourite teeth, smiles, holding hands, bumping into me, hot spicy breakfasts and brbrbrbrbrbrb.
Snowsuits and bike playing, dialogues with onions, masala fish, hobbit feet,
God damn these memories I want to forget, I want you out of my head.
Track Name: Ich Erinnere Mich
Ich Erinerre mich, an Dich
Ich lieber dich,
Ich mich nicht erinern
Welche Richtung
Track Name: Something Good
You travelled so far, they wanted you, they tempted you,
With dreams that you, wanted so much.
And then they just, pulled the rug out from under your feet,
Without so much as a thankyou very much.

But I know something good,
Yes I know something good,
I know something good will happen soon.

You're so very far from home,
And not all roads lead to Rome,
And if nothing good happens very soon,
Then I'll be here for you.